ULTRA TONER exerciser in Langley Park, Durham for sale

ULTRA TONER exerciser

Ultra Toner good condition
cost £150 when bought new will accept £35
(Information about Ultra Toner from internet)
If you are looking for a total fitness Machine that really can take care of all your exercising needs, giving you cardio and toning benefits, then the Ultra Toner is the optimal choice for you. Similar to the Tony Little Gazelle, The Ultra Toner delivers instant and smooth co-ordination of the muscles in your upper and lower-body, toning and strengthening as you work out and watch the calories burn away.
Workout Video can be seen on internet
Complete Body Workout
Toning and Strengthening
Works Your Buttocks, Hips, Legs and Thighs
Works The Abdominal Muscles
Works Your Quadriceps
Burns Calories and Fat
Tone and Shapes Entire Body
Cardiovascular Workouts
Resistance Training Workout
Improves Your Muscle Strength
Improves Your Endurance
Aerobic Benefits